Case Studies

Here are a few examples of the work Right To Life have helped with over the years:

Izabela and Jakub

Izabela and Jakub

Izabela is a Polish girl who came to the Right to Life Charitable Trust through an article that appeared in a Polish newspaper published in the UK. Jakub is pictured here at 5 weeks.

layette and equipment was provided to meet Jakub’s needs during the first year of his life. The Trust provided translation help and assisted Izabela in visiting the Job Centre, investigating and assisting in the application for relevant benefit claims, writing letters, finding a flat to rent and most recently in assisting with Izabela’s application to work as a volunteer in the Metropolitan Police, which would provide her with valuable experience and the chance to apply for a job there in the future.

The Trust has assisted many young Polish women who have come to the UK in search of work. These girls are not entitled to benefits or social services assistance until they qualify for residence.